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This Olivia…Beyond Happy

I really liked this scene…In an unguarded moment when no one was around Olivia looked beyond happy. She just told Harrison about the brown folder and the weapon of last resort - the black folder. She could be outted at any moment; she handed Harrison the keys to her castle and instead of appearing doubtful, fearful, apprehensive - she’s happy, truly in bliss. Maybe one day we will see this moment again. 

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    My problem with the whole thing is that Olivia is not a whore. She is not the one cheating on her spouse. She did not...
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    Yea…I’m pretty much here for Minty and Gee on this one. Their commentary is everything.
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    Geejayeff !!
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    You and I are persuaded by actions but I’ve seen quite a few people who are swayed by Mellie’s words despite her...
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    There’s definitely a section of the audience that goes along with Mellie’s POV. Olivia is a whore, she is bad, bad, bad....
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    I understand that human emotions at time is out of whack!! I get that, i would also understand if Mellie had called Liv...
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    I think the pov argument really doesn’t hold water, because we are persuaded by actions, and if someone sees Olivia as a...
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    WHAT Geejayeff SAID!!!!!
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    I understand Mellie’s desire to express her frustration, but I don’t understand why Olivia should meekly accept it or...
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